Early morning spider's web

The early-morning web

If early birds catch worms, what do early spiders catch? Dew drops?

Linseed crisps

Linseed crisps

Cooking for people who can’t eat grains, including wheat, can be a challenge when it comes to snacks and finger foods. It’s all very well to keep putting out those celery and carrot sticks on the table, but sometimes, you just want to do more for people. These linseed crisps do just that.

Strawberry foccacia

Strawberry focaccia

A strawberry-topped focaccia makes the prefect breakfast bread, or a great morning tea with coffee (or tea). It’s like having ready-made bread with jam. It is a deliciously not-too-sweet but sweetish focaccia-style bread.

Simple soy and ginger dipping sauce, with chilli for that extra flavour

A simple soy and ginger dipping sauce

This is a dish for those who love all things tasty with chilli, soy, ginger and more. The flavours are apologetically strong. Sensitive souls should look elsewhere.

Boats afloat at the moorings in St Kilda, Port Phillip Bay

St Kilda moorings at Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne

Boats afloat at the moorings in St Kilda, Port Phillip Bay

Salmon balls: paleo and no starch

A basic salmon ball recipe

Easy and tasty no starch recipes can be challenging to find. These little balls of salmon tastiness fit the bill perfectly in our household. They’re quick to make, so they’re great for an emergency school lunch on those badly organised mornings.

A tasty combination of pumpkin, leek, potato and herbs all in one autumn soup

Sunday soup: Autumn soup

A buttery, butternut soup with potato and thyme brings out the flavour of autumn in so many good ways.

Kabac mucveri

Kabak mucveri

These deep fried balls of zucchini goodness have been a favourite restaurant menu item for longer than we’ve been married. Their kabac mucveris are bigger, fluffier and deeper-fried than ours, but you can’t expect miracles from a small home kitchen that doesn’t do deep frying at all. We do shallow frying and baking with an unhealthy amount of oil, and they’re all good.

A smooth, creamy egg-based mayonnaise

A good eggy mayonnaise

What if you just want a good, egg-based mayonnaise but without all the fuss? Well, here’s an almost foolproof recipe. It ticks all our boxes: not too oily, no starch, lemon juice rather than vinegar, and delicious.

The water wall of the National Gallery of Victoria blurs the outside world

The blur of a water wall

The water wall of the National Gallery of Victoria is real highlight for visiting children and adults. We’re probably not the first record the fun kids have with it, and we won’t be the last, but I’m sure that’s exactly what the work’s creator would have wanted.

Zucchini chocolate cake

The healthy zucchini chocolate cake

This cake—a cake with no sugar, a little honey, and lots of zucchini and cocoa—is a sugar-free mud cake. Sure its still cake, but it’s a healthy cake on the cake scale of things.

Mung bean curry

A curry sauce for mung beans

When this idea of a mung bean curry first came to light, it seemed too good to pass by. We had our partly sprouted mung beans, and now we have a curry sauce to dress them up. It’s a great little alternative to a heavy meat and rice curry.

Indian spiced pumpkin soup

Sunday soup: Indian spiced pumpkin soup

This spicy pumpkin soup is a favourite of my mother’s on a cold, winter day. If you’re coming out of winter right now, think of this as a reminder of when you really wanted something warm, toasty and comforting for lunch. If winter decided to pay you a quick visit this Easter, as it did us, then warm and toasty is exactly what we all need.

Sesame crackers

Moosewood’s homemade sesame crackers

Sometimes you just want homemade biscuits to go with cheese, dips, tomatoes, or whatever else it is you’re having that day. These sesame biscuits fit the bill perfectly. They’re also good all by themselves.

Asian-style coleslaw

Another Asian-style slaw

This Asian-style coleslaw, courtesy of the Paddington Foodie, has become a favourite for summer lunches and for packed lunches for work. Its healthy, filling and it has a perfect combination of tart and sweet with an underlying crunch that makes it a joy to eat.

Barely 100 years old, Canberra celebrates its being every year with the ever-so-ephemeral fireworks

Fireworks are ephemeral, always

A city celebrates its being every year with the ever-so-ephemeral fireworks.

Spinach curry

Spinach (silverbeet) curry

There’s spinach, and then there’s silverbeet, which is also called chard. Our Indian cookbook has this delightfully named dish called saag (spinach) bhaji, which we use alongside our favourite lentils and rice. We use silverbeet instead of spinach, but does it really matter?

Lean mean green vegetable soup

Sunday soup: Paddington Foodie’s lean mean green vegetable soup

This soup is surprisingly delicious. It’s loaded with veggies, all of them green, and not much else. It has kale, but doesn’t taste like it, and there’s also celery, zucchini and other green things, but it doesn’t taste like any of them either. The Paddington Foodie, who is the star creator if this soup, said everyone…

Value these last few warm days and cool nights. Not long from now, you'll start waking up to freshly frosted veggies in your garden

Fresh and frosty garden

Value these last few warm days and cool nights. Not long from now, we’ll start waking up to freshly frosted veggies in your garden

Simple coconut cake: five minutes to mix, no icing, tastes and looks great.

Simple coconut cake

This cake is such a last-minute throw-it-together affair. It’s quick, easy, doesn’t need any icing, and it tastes great.