A glut of zucchini (courgette)

Zucchini glut

Zucchini glut

It’s early autumn here and it is the season for finding likely victims for our offerings of excess zucchini. Anywhere that people gather is at risk: at work, church,  and even the monthly book club meeting. Sometimes they ask you for a recipe as a condition of use.

This photo doesn’t include even half of our harvest this year: we’ve given so many away. Zucchini is one of the things our vege garden grows really well, and our zucc’s are always really sweet. Even the 4kg ones.

And yes – that’s the bin we usually have for our wood. You don’t have to try to make these things grow. They just do it. The Nike of veges, really. All you really need is a couple of days of rain while the gardener in the family is away for work. One day they’re 6-10 inches long; three days later they’re 1 or two feet long (up to 50 cm).

There’s going to be a few zucchini recipes in the next few weeks.

I’ll list them all here eventually.

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