Thank you: a liebster award

A garden-variety liebster award

A garden-variety liebster award

Liebster Award!

What a way to wake up. Not only is it raining, almost always a blessing in this part of the world, but I now find someone thinks this blog is  dear, beloved, valued, esteemed, attractive, charming, agreeable, and delightful (or so my ancient German-English dictionary tells me). And not only that, but very much so. Thanks so much to Aspara from Eating Well Diary for the nomination.

The rules ask you to thank the person who presented the award to you, have the award on your post, answer the questions that have been asked, award the same to other upcoming blogs, ask ten questions to them and list ten random facts about yourself.  So here we go.

So the questions are …

1. Why did you start your blog?

Two reasons. The first, and most pressing, is that my daughter left home and needed our family recipes. The second reason is that I spent an hour trying to find one of my favourite recipes a few weeks ago. Enough! I said. It’stime to put them all where I can find them. And I’m always adding new ones.

2. Favourite cuisine?

Anything healthy. We’ll eat vegan one night and a full-on roast lamb the next. We’re all trying to kick sugar at the moment, but there’ll still be quite a few recipes with that dreaded ingredient. Perhaps just say it’s now a sometimes food.

3. Drinks or desserts?

Hmmm, that’s a hard one. You can’t go past a cup of tea, but the thought of a good pavlova for dessert is hard to leave out. See previous note about favourite cuisine and avoiding sugar!

4. If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

We’re going to have to go a bit counter-cultural on this one. We don’t really watch much tv. There’s no real time for it in our house; and we don’t actually have a tv. We do watch movies. Please don’t ask for a favourite, though!

5. What is your favorite meal to cook?

Daal baht, no question about that. Easy, filling, quick, healthy, yummy. Salad on the side.

7. What is your favorite book?

One? You want me to pick just one? Do I choose Tolkein’s Hobbit, or Neville Shute’s stories, or Tolstoy’s War and Peace (just finished that one), or Hitchhiker’s Guide, or perhaps anything by Umberto Eco, or even John Flanagan (currently the hot pick in this household),… or something else? No, so many books, so little time to read them all. Perhaps that’s why there’s no tv in the house.

8. Have you ever been out of the country?

Yes. Travelled, but not too well. Just enough to make city-name-dropping possible but embarrassing.

3. What was your first post on your blog?

The microwave sponge. There’s still no picture because I’m waiting for the kids to make it for me again. They discovered it, so they can cook the definitive Mermaid’s Tresses version.

8. Which of your childhood memory is the prettiest one, please be brief.

Snow. It’s not normal where I grew up, so it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The second prettiest is the white ground from a hailstorm a few years before that: I thought it was snow!

10. Which incident has touched you most in your life?

Meeting my husband and raising two lovely children and making friends. So that’s more than one. No matter what people say, you can’t really go past sharing life with the people around you.

And my nominations are …

DIY Korean Food: because Korean food is one of the cuisines that everyone in this house loves, but none of us can cook well. We just wait until our next Seoul stopover and try to make an opportunity for at least one or two meals (there, I dropped a city name).

Love Sorghum for all the fantastic gluten-free recipe ideas. We don’t need gluten-free food, but more than a few of our friends do. Guests always deserve something special.

Simple Pairings for her beautiful photos and the hash browns recipe (still trying to find the time to try it out).

Food Design for the photos. It’s not in English or any other language our household can cobble together, but the photos are amazing. I really do look at that site just for the pictures!

And I would add in Eating Well Diary, but that would be too circular and silly (it was Aspara who nominated me for the award), and Shivay Delights, but she already has more than the limit of 200 followers, which appears to be the limit, or maybe not?

Random facts?

I love reading; I am a writer, not a designer (which is why WordPress is so great); fresh veges are great; and I count rain as a blessing after so many years of drought.



5 thoughts on “Thank you: a liebster award

  1. Thank you so much for the award nomination and for your lovely feedback! I am very surprised for your interests. I’m so sorry, but I can’t participate at this time 😦 , I’m very, very busy. Maybe into the future, if it will be … Thank you again, and I hope you will keep visiting me in the future, too. Didi 🙂


    • My pleasure. If you want to join in, you these ‘rules’ tell us what to do next:
      “The rules ask you to thank the person who presented the award to you, have the award on your post, answer the questions that have been asked, award the same to other upcoming blogs, ask ten questions to them and list ten random facts about yourself.”
      I couldn’t think of ten random facts that would be interesting enough to repeat, but the ten questions say enough anyway.


  2. Congratulations to you, and a big thank you for nominating me! So glad you’re enjoying my posts. Good luck with the hash browns – you will love them!


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