Marked: Breakfast songs

Again, it’s Monday: the day for trying something new. A new recipe, a new idea, or even finding a new song; and it’s so easy to find these great new things through the WordPress community.

So rather than bury them in my own list of likes and comments, or as a list of great writing stuck on the end of another post, we’re going to try something new. These shiny, new ideas, the ones I might want to re-read (or sing) or the recipes I want to make, one day, will appear in a weekly round-up.


There are so many talented cooks around: and this week, they seem to have enjoyed their breakfasts. They keep coming up with recipes that are so good they just have to be liked, or commented on, or bookmarked in the belief that, one day, I will try them.

So here’s some breakfast recipes from the past week that are crying out to enter our list of family favourite recipes. And one day, I promise, I’ll make them. There’s a few eggy morning starters in the list: some people in this house really like eggs, so I’ve decided it’s their turn this week.

Six tasty breakfasts to try one day

Six tasty breakfasts to try one day

Start your day with eggs

So, if you like an eggy start to your day:

You might think these are four normal things to do with eggs, but go have a look first: each has a little twist on an old theme that merits its place in our family kitchen notebook.

Bread and crêpes for breakfast!

I love bread for breakfast, and I always have this idea that there should be fruit involved somewhere, just to be healthy. At the Corner of Happy and Harried has created this amazing Strawberry Focaccia Bread {With Cinnamon Sugar}. With bread and fruit, how could it can go wrong?

And crêpes, special ones with buckwheat, courtesy of Food and Whine, with some helpful tips and an inspiring photo that makes you think, Yeah! I could make that! She’s even included the normal flour option for those still too scared of buckwheat to try.

Or for something a little different

I like tofu, provided it’s prepared well. I have to admit that the idea of scrambling tofu instead of egg has never really caught on here. Yes, I’m Vegan! has me convinced to give it a go with her Moroccan tofu scramble.


Some star writers

The WordPress weekly writing challenge seems to bring out some wonderful writers. Some bring with them a sense of optimism that begs to be savoured with a hot cup of tea (or coffee) in hand. Some are just old-fashioned good fun. They deserve to be in a list of favourites for the week.

This latest challenge was based on the idea of taking a song and rewriting it to suit your own ends. There were some great ideas.

So make your breakfast and sing along with some of my favourites from this week’s work:

As for me, if I had to take one song, it would be Johnny Nash’s ‘Sunshiny Day’ (better know by its official name, ‘I can see clearly now’), rewritten around the morning benefits of coffee:

I can see clearly now the coffee’s on
I can see no more obstacles in my way
Gone is the foggy brain that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day …



6 thoughts on “Marked: Breakfast songs

    • It’s so high on the list. Totally-out-of-season strawberries came home from the markets this weekend. I have no idea where they came from (originally), but they taste good.


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