Leftover carrot and ginger pulp

Leftover pulp and other notes

One leftover from yesterday’s delicious orange coloured smoothie is the equally delicious carrot and ginger pulp. It wasn’t something you could just throw away. Two carrots yielded about a cup of pulp: dry and rather fluffy pulp. Options for using leftover pulp are all over the internet: you can make soup, cake, jam, incorporate it into biscuits and breads (just…

A garden-variety liebster award

Sharing the love with a liebster award

My friend Lori over at Creating Beauty in the kitchen has given me for a Liebster award. What a privilege! Lori is one of those people who always has an encouraging word to go with that beautiful smile of hers—it’s worth dropping in on her just for that smile—and she would have to be one of the more experimental cooks around. She always seems to be thinking of something new to try.

Seven tasty salads for summer

Marked: salads and beginnings

One thing about being in the southern hemisphere is that those talented northerners keep posting delicious summer dishes when there’s snow on the hills around us. It’s tantalising: I love salads, but I know I’ll never find these brilliant suggestions again once summer comes back to us, so I’ve marked them here, along with some interesting new writers from our much-loved WordPress community (there are a couple of stories the children might enjoy).

Six tasty breakfasts to try one day

Marked: Breakfast songs

Again, it’s Monday: the day for trying something new. A new recipe, a new idea, or even finding a new song; and it’s so easy to find these great new things through the WordPress community. So rather than bury them in my own list of likes and comments, or as a list of great writing…

Five gifted cooks give us five desserts to try some time soon

Marked: desserts and collisions

Monday’s the day for trying something new. This past week, I’ve stumbled across five vegan desserts I had never thought to try, thanks to the ingenuity of Lori, Nadine, matchamochi, eatmunchlove and Indu. They look so good. And to top it off, some great reading for those who love dessert + coffee + a good read.

A garden-variety liebster award

Thank you: a liebster award

A Liebster Award! What a way to wake up. Not only is it raining, almost always a blessing in this part of the world, but I now find someone thinks this blog is  dear, beloved, valued, esteemed, attractive, charming, agreeable, and delightful (or so my ancient German-English dictionary tells me). And not only that, but very much so. Thanks…