A smooth, creamy egg-based mayonnaise

A good eggy mayonnaise

What if you just want a good, egg-based mayonnaise but without all the fuss? Well, here’s an almost foolproof recipe. It ticks all our boxes: not too oily, no starch, lemon juice rather than vinegar, and delicious.

Minimalist foccacia: just with rosemary and salt

Starch: the good, the bad, and the ugly

There’s some debate out there about starch in our diets. Some say you need it to live; some say it will make your life miserable. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and it all depends on your body, your genes, and how you digest food.

Dukkah: coarsely ground mix of coriander, cumin, sesame seeds and almond or hazelnuts


Dukkah is a wonderful mix of coarsely ground spices. The idea is to have crunchy bits in there rather than a smooth powder, or even worse, a paste. It’s used as a dip for olive-oil covered bread, or a light seasoning.

Visiting ants, gone but not forgotten

Ants? Who wants ants?

Who wants ants like this? Not us, I say. We prefer an ant-free kitchen. Sadly, no amount of vinegar, friendly redirection or anything worked. To get our ant-free kitchen we had to stoop to ant bait made of 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of borax, and ½ cup of water, all boiled in a…

Rose petal jam: just rose petals and sugar

Rose petal jam (uncooked)

This delicious rose petal jam needs no cooking: it’s raw jam. It’s just a matter of grinding sugar and rose petals into a paste. It is unusual, and you need to be selective with the rose petals: pick the freshest and most fragrant ones you can find. but it’s well worth the effort.

Making chicken masala powder

Chicken masala powder

This chicken masala powder from Indian Kitchen seems to be a basic spice mix that could easily be blended with anything else required on the day, including a dry chicken curry I was so desperate to make.

Is Modern Wheat Making You Fat and Sick?

When DetoxMama posted this article about modern wheats a while ago, my first thought was ‘that explains it’. My father is intolerant of wheat but not gluten, and now it all makes sense. Why reblog it? Because she’s said it all so well.

Orange, carrot, ginger smoothie

The colour orange: a smoothie

We don’t have a juicer, but when the Seasoned Traveler published her recipe for her Orange wellness elixir, I just had to give it a try. A quick google, a grater, a blender and some suitable cloth, and it all became possible: an orange smoothie to match my green smoothie from some months ago.

Preserved zucchini

How to preserve zucchini

We’ve preserved zucchini by drying it (sun drying and in the dehydrator), ready for use in winter stews, and by this wonderful pickling method I found on an Italian vegan website: zucchini, salt, vinegar and oil. The Italian author says this dish will make the winter ‘lick his moustache’: what an excellent way to describe…

An American wartime poster encourages the use of leftovers (1942-45; ARC 515949)

Memories of leftovers

Leftovers have been around as long as we have, but it’s only recently that we’ve had such a focus on leftovers. Apart from the ubiquitous bubble and squeak, which started appearing in English cookbooks in the mid-1800s, the focus has been on systematically collecting excess to salt it, smoke it, dry it, cook it in syrup, or otherwise…

Lemons preserved in salt

How to preserve lemons

Preserved lemons are super easy to make and ridiculously overpriced in the shops. All you need is lemons and salt and, if you want, some cloves and cinnamon. Selma makes it even easier and says you just need olive oil and lemons. We’ve made both this year, thanks to a very generous neighbour with a lemon tree and an agenda of wanting more salted lemons from us.

Three persimmons: more tempting than an apple

Is vegan the ideal and healthy option?

Earlier this year, Celeste over at Honk if you’re vegan asked a perfectly reasonable question: Was Noah really vegan? and, by implication, Should we be vegan too? Surely, if we’re designed to be vegan, it would be healthy for everyone, wouldn’t it?

Choose your vegemite: vegemite, ozemite, brekkie mite and, on the far left, the ill-fated iSnack2.0

Our national delicacy

If there’s one food that’s uniquely Australian, it would have to be Vegemite. It’s a yeast product loaded with salt and vitamin B. It has the wonderful advertisement that gave us all a way to describe children who are full of laughter and joy. You can now choose from at least three versions, each with their own claim to authenticity, but none of them has kept to the original recipe.

Mrs Grieve's A Modern Herbal

Mrs Grieve’s Modern Herbal

Mrs Grieve’s A Modern Herbal is now online. It’s one of three essential herbal references in this household: the other two are Maria Treben’s ‘Health Through God’s Pharmacy’ and John Lust’s ‘The Herb Book’.

A scoop of laundry washing powder

How to make laundry washing powder

Everyone needs clean clothes, even a home cook. I wouldn’t trade a washing machine for the old-fashioned hard-work way of boiling clothes in a copper, but did you know that old-fashioned soap and washing soda wash your clothes just as well, if not better, than that new-fangled expensive washing powders? It’s easy to make laundry powder that really works.


Why we avoid sugar (and other stuff)

Here’s a list of why we avoid sugar and the other baddies of our Western diet. It’s not an ideological crusade to eradicate sweetness from the civilised world. It’s just a lifestyle of trying to eat well when you can, and sugar is the easiest one to target because so much unhealthy food has sugar in it. You can see the reasoning in the Mermaid’s tresses tagline: favourite family recipes: whole food, most of it healthy.

Paneer: pressed, chilled overnight and ready to cook

How to make paneer

Paneer is an Indian cottage-style cheese that’s so amazingly easy to make you’ll wonder why you ever went out to buy it. This recipe works for me and the milk we can get in our supermarkets here: the trick is to find the right ratio of lemon juice to milk.