Banana bread: no egg, no gluten, no milk

Food-free banana bread

What do you do with three overripe bananas? You make banana bread, that’s what. But this is a banana bread that has no milk, no gluten and no eggs. A food free quickbread: a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free. You can even leave out the sugar, if you want to. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to make.

Strawberry foccacia

Strawberry focaccia

A strawberry-topped focaccia makes the prefect breakfast bread, or a great morning tea with coffee (or tea). It’s like having ready-made bread with jam. It is a deliciously not-too-sweet but sweetish focaccia-style bread.

MiniMinimalist foccacia: a small and quick foccacia with rosemary and salt

The minimalist snack focaccia

How hard can it be to make a mini-foccacia? Not too hard at all: it has only a cup of flour, with a bit of yeast salt, water and … And it uses some lovely prostrate rosemary in our garden. This is the ideal school snack. It even lasts in the lunchbox (so it survived the soggy-bread test), and tastes so good one child thought, maybe, it was pizza.

Chapati: delicious and easy to make

Chapatis: easier than they look

Chapatis are not a lot of work to make. If you’re Australian, think scones. A bit of flour, some butter and some whey (or water), and there you have them in a flash. They go well with whatever Nepalese, or Indian, curry we happen to have.


Crispy flatbread

Very simple to make. Goes well with almost anything other than meat and three veg.

Banana bread

Banana bread (egg-free)

A quick and easy ‘bread’ that is well liked, even the one-who-does-not-eat-cake.


Basic white bread

This is the easiest and yummiest bread I’ve made. If you have a sunny window sill, it just about makes itself.