Quinoa porridge or pudding: good for breakfast and dessert

Quinoa porridge or pudding: breakfast or dessert

We discovered quinoa a couple of years ago as another option for lots of things, but it was this pudding with its combination of apple, orange and quinoa, that grabbed our enthusiasm. It’s designed as a breakfast porridge, but it also makes good dessert for the über health conscious.

Custardy popovers

Custardy popovers

Custardy popovers are a surprisingly simple but spectacular treat. We first discovered them when the kids wanted dessert one evening and nothing was prepared. I thought I had them snookered: I just pulled out the cookbooks and told the kids we could have dessert if they could find something easy and quick without sugar. But no, my…

Rhubarb and apple crumble - too good to leave

Super healthy apple-rhubarb crumble

This crumble is our easy-to-make dessert of choice. The tartness of the rhubarb is offset by the sweetness of the apple, so you don’t need to add any extra sugar to the filling. The crumb is a mixture of oats, coconut, honey and olive oil, whizzed in the food processor for just a few seconds.

Five gifted cooks give us five desserts to try some time soon

Marked: desserts and collisions

Monday’s the day for trying something new. This past week, I’ve stumbled across five vegan desserts I had never thought to try, thanks to the ingenuity of Lori, Nadine, matchamochi, eatmunchlove and Indu. They look so good. And to top it off, some great reading for those who love dessert + coffee + a good read.

Breakfast: Polenta with rhubarb and almonds

It’s polenta for breakfast

This is a great, not-too-sweet alternative for breakfast. If you’re not a morning person, this is an easy way to prepare polenta for breakfast. No boiling and stirring in a saucepan with the resulting mess and washing up. No, just a quick soak in boiling water (the polenta, not you), and a microwave zap of rhubarb and it’s done.

Our French-excursion souffle, flavoured with one persimmon

French excursion souffle

Our son’s French class visited a French restaurant as part of their appreciation of all things French. He came back with three amazing little treats, and we’ve been wanting to commit them to the formal kitchen notebook for some time. This is the first. It is sweet, but so very worth the effort.

Traditional egg-yolk custard

Traditional egg-yolk custard

This traditional egg custard is the perfect way to use up egg yolks. It is easy to make if you can stir and keep stirring, and it tastes rich and smooth and just like custard should. It helps if you have three hands, but even those of us with only two hands should be able to pour, hold and stir well enough for the smooth perfection we know we all want.

Quick rice pudding

Quick and easy rice pudding

We made this up one morning before school, in an attempt to find an easy hot breakfast that would ‘stick to the ribs’. Some left-over rice and a glut of eggs, et viola! We now have a family favourite for hungry kids before school, after school, any time.

Microwave sponge, served with custard

Microwave sponge

This ‘sponge’ is so easy the kids can make it (and they do). We usually just dish this out straight from the bowl: with boys in the house, it doesn’t last long enough to do anything other than wash up a few minutes later.