Basil-parsley dip

Basil and parsley pesto dip

Combining basil, parsley and a handful of nuts into a dip is nothing revolutionary, but the result complements the crisps and crackers so very well.

Almond-apple mini-muffins

Apple-almond mini-muffins

This one is for those who love muffins. It’s a simple mixture of almond, apple, egg and a few other ingredients to give a really delicious and moist muffin. As a bonus, it’s perfectly suited to those can’t tolerate gluten or any starch at all.

Almond unsweetened biscuits

Almond unsweetened biscuits (gluten-free)

Salt free, sugar-free, gluten-free biscuits for a morning tea? It’s easier than you think with these almond unsweet biscuits. With just two ingredients, they’re so easy to make they’ve instantly become part of our emergency morning-tea repertoire.

Coleslaw an Asian style of dressing with coriander

Coleslaw two-ways (vegan)

It’s time for coleslaw. And not just any old coleslaw. This one comes with two options for dressing: one option is a recipe we’ve been using for years, uses a deliciously creamy, yet vegan mayonnaise, and everyone prefers it; the second one is now a new favourite and uses some much-loved ‘Asian’ flavours. Our new favourite is pictured here.


Sunday soup: Broccoli and almond

Broccoli soup with almonds and leek makes a delicious entree or even a light dinner: just have more if you’re still hungry!

Kale salad with orange and fennel

A deliciously light and naturally sweet kale salad

If you’re on the search for a kale salad then look no further. This one is perfect, with the flavours of orange and fennel balancing the kale. They’re naturally sweet, so there’s no need for any kind of extra sweetener: you can leave your honey and maple syrup in the cupboard and just enjoy.