Lean mean green vegetable soup

Sunday soup: Paddington Foodie’s lean mean green vegetable soup

This soup is surprisingly delicious. It’s loaded with veggies, all of them green, and not much else. It has kale, but doesn’t taste like it, and there’s also celery, zucchini and other green things, but it doesn’t taste like any of them either. TheĀ Paddington Foodie, who is the star creator if this soup, said everyone…

Our basic minestrone

Sunday soup: Our basic minestrone

Minestrone soup is one of those soups that every student would have learned how to cook. It’s tasty, cheap, and you can make enough to feed a household easily. These same features make it ideal for a family with growing teenagers, or to fuel a committed athlete. My Italian cookbook tells me that minestrone is…

White bean and zucchini salad

White bean and zucchini salad

Our family enjoys our sweet zucchini; and we love feta cheese (or any cheese, really). This dish ‘helps’ this kids eats their veges. The white beans make it a well-balanced Saturday lunch that really lasts until dinner.