A jar of chilli beetroot chutney

Chilli beetroot chutney

Chutney is one of life’s little pleasures. This recipe for beetroot and chilli chutney has become a real winner in the chutney-loving side of the extended family. It’s surprisingly not-too-hot given the amount of chilli, and even my chilli-averse sister loves it.

Borsch - Russian beetroot soup

Sunday soup: borsch (Борщ)

We loved borsch from the first spoonful we had in Russia. Unfortunately, we didn’t think to ask for a recipe, so several years later, we went through our cookbooks and invented something that we thought was similar. At the least, it’s become our memory of the borsch was had all those years ago.

Baked beet salad

Baked beetroot salad

This baked beetroot salad is uber healthy and filling and tastes great. We usually try to time the baking with something else, like a casserole or a roast, and have it chilled and ready for lunch the next day.

Beetroot greens curry

Curry of beetroot greens

So the family provider came back from the markets with a big bunch of beetroot, greens included. The beets went to better things, including a baked dinner, beetroot salad and dip. The tops were still younger and tender, so they became our curry of beetroot greens to accompany the daal baat.