Easy cheesy cauliflower ... and broccoli

An easy cheesy cauliflower

Why would anyone need a recipe for cauliflower cheese I hear you ask. Well, why not? This site is a bit of a family notebook for our favourite recipes, and this certainly is one of those. It’s also not quite a normal cauliflower cheese. It’s not just the broccoli, but it’s also the lack of a white sauce. We just use a sprinkle of Parmesan and mozzarella, and everyone’s happy.

Broccoli leaves: blanched, sauteed with garlic and ready to eat

The tasty challenge of broccoli leaves

Did you know you can eat broccoli leaves? A disastrous season in the broccoli garden forced us to look past the fleurettes we were never going to get and try eating the leaves.

The larger leaves (that’s the blue-ish ones) can be a bit tough, so it pays to steam them first. The very small leaves might not need the same treatment, but they are all good and delicious.