Basil-parsley dip

Basil and parsley pesto dip

Combining basil, parsley and a handful of nuts into a dip is nothing revolutionary, but the result complements the crisps and crackers so very well.

Garlic and preserved lemons with tagliatelle

Garlic and preserved lemon with tagliatelle

Once you discover how easy it is to make your own preserved lemons, you’ll then be on a mission to find ways to use them. We have two recipes in one here: both use garlic, parsley and preserved lemon, and one adds in dried mushrooms and cashew cream to fill out the flavour. You could also use normal…

Celery and leek soup, finished with a dash of cashew cream

Sunday soup: cream of celery and leek

This light soup is an ideal starter, preparing the way for a more substantial roast or casserole. The leek and celery blend together with the rich, velvety flavour of the shallots. A dash of cashew cream finishes it off.

Cream of mushroom soup

Sunday soup: cream of mushroom

Sunday night is for soup. Tonight it’s cream of mushroom, using the beautiful orange saffron milkcap mushrooms we picked on our mushrooming adventure. Because we have people in the house who just don’t like cream, we’ve gone vegan and used cashews for the ‘cream’ part of the soup. It’s really tasty and surprisingly filling.

Mint and ginger complement the sweet pear and persimmon combination

A pear-persimmon treat with sweet ginger sauce

It’s sweet, but there’s no (added) sugar in this dessert. It’s gluten-free, egg-free and easy. A small button of cashew paste adds substance to this ideal appetiser or an even-more-ideal light dessert.