Quick and crispy chickpea and cauliflower

Quick roasted chickpeas and cauliflower

Roasted garlic, baked chickpeas, crispy cauliflower, sweet roasted capsicum: what a combination. Best of all, if you have chickpeas ready to go, it’s a good quick dish to bake; and it’s perfect for someone dining alone. I guess it could be a side dish in a main meal, but I think it’s far too good for that. So we make it for lunch or even brunch.

Chicken, chickpea and almond casserole

Moroccan-style chicken, almond and chickpeas

Casseroling chicken with chickpeas and spices is a great dish for a chilly evening. This is one of the family favourites: it is easy to prepare and tasty. The almonds and dried fruit add a sweetness that complements the subtle spicy flavours.

Gluten free, dairy-free white sauce

Gluten-free, vegan white sauce

A white sauce made on besan (chickpea flour), soy milk and oil. That’s right: no (cow’s) milk, no gluten. We prefer this to the ‘real’ one.