Zucchini chocolate cake

The healthy zucchini chocolate cake

This cake—a cake with no sugar, a little honey, and lots of zucchini and cocoa—is a sugar-free mud cake. Sure its still cake, but it’s a healthy cake on the cake scale of things.

Coconut-flour chocolate cake

The amazing coconut-flour chocolate cake (gluten-free)

The choclatey chocolatedness of this cake has to be tasted to be believed. It’s amazing. Its rich, just-crumbly-yet-muddy texture has knocked another long-term family favourite chocolate cake off its perch. That’s how good this is.

A food-free mini cupcake - no wheat, no dairy, no egg

Food-free chocolate cupcakes

‘Food free’ is a label we invented for a very restricted diet one of our relatives was forced to endure for a few months: no gluten, no egg, no dairy, no legumes, no nuts, no spices. It’s pretty limiting, especially if there’s a demand for, oh, a birthday cake for a child. We still have food…

Our everyday chocolate cake

Our everyday chocolate cake

When you just need a chocolate cake to keep the family happy, this is it. There are no special ingredients: everything this cake needs is almost always in the cupboard. And best of all, everyone likes it. I’ve taken this to parties, church fetes, work morning teas, playgroups, you name it. It’s always a hit.