Spinach curry

Spinach (silverbeet) curry

There’s spinach, and then there’s silverbeet, which is also called chard. Our Indian cookbook has this delightfully named dish called saag (spinach) bhaji, which we use alongside our favourite lentils and rice. We use silverbeet instead of spinach, but does it really matter?

Dry chicken masala

Dry chicken masala

This dry chicken curry uses chicken masala powder as one of the main flavours, and the whole thing has been enjoyed by everyone: from aged grandma to the gung ho I like it spicy teenager. With some rice, or pilaf, the leftovers are the basis for school lunches.

Meat Madras, almost: there's some eggplant in there too!

Meat madras, almost

This Madras curry, my cookbook tells me, is a popular hot and spicy dish names after Madras, the major city of southern India. The hot and spicy label is hardly surprising once you read the recipe: it tells us to include at least five chillies! I have to admit using about half the recommended dose of chilli when…