Simple soy and ginger dipping sauce, with chilli for that extra flavour

A simple soy and ginger dipping sauce

This is a dish for those who love all things tasty with chilli, soy, ginger and more. The flavours are apologetically strong. Sensitive souls should look elsewhere.

Olive and celery tapenade, served with cucumber to satisfy the all our friends

A very vegan tapenade of olive and celery

Create a lighter olive tapenade by popping a stick of celery into the mix. Serve the results on cucumber rounds for an easy appetiser with a difference that suits just about anyone.

Quick and crispy chickpea and cauliflower

Quick roasted chickpeas and cauliflower

Roasted garlic, baked chickpeas, crispy cauliflower, sweet roasted capsicum: what a combination. Best of all, if you have chickpeas ready to go, it’s a good quick dish to bake; and it’s perfect for someone dining alone. I guess it could be a side dish in a main meal, but I think it’s far too good for that. So we make it for lunch or even brunch.

Broccoli leaves: blanched, sauteed with garlic and ready to eat

The tasty challenge of broccoli leaves

Did you know you can eat broccoli leaves? A disastrous season in the broccoli garden forced us to look past the fleurettes we were never going to get and try eating the leaves.

The larger leaves (that’s the blue-ish ones) can be a bit tough, so it pays to steam them first. The very small leaves might not need the same treatment, but they are all good and delicious.