A tasty combination of pumpkin, leek, potato and herbs all in one autumn soup

Sunday soup: Autumn soup

A buttery, butternut soup with potato and thyme brings out the flavour of autumn in so many good ways.

Chicken soup, ready to serve in an hour

Sunday soup: chicken soup in an hour

This light but tasty chicken soup boasts a decent chicken flavour supported by lemon thyme and a touch of chilli. It’s the ideal soup for feeding to your family when they have a bad head cold. It’s also great for those really hot nights: somehow chilli and stifling heat go together, or maybe we’re just a family that loves its chilli.

Summer chicken and leek stew

Summer chicken and leek stew

This combination of chicken and leek surprises the first time you make it. The ingredients look like they don’t add up to much, but the flavour of the final is deliciously delicate, and it doesn’t take too long to make. I always think of it as an ideal summer meal: for thoseĀ evenings when you want…