Cottage pie

Our old-fashioned cottage pie

Cottage pie, shepherd’s pie … it’s just cooked meat topped with mashed potato, then baked. It sounds plain, and it is, but that’s its attraction. It’s quick and easy to make, never fails, and brings meat and three veggies to everyone in one easy dish.

Turkish aubergine meatballs

Turkish aubergine meatballs

These meatballs are ‘packed with flavour’, according to the kids, and ‘don’t taste like they’re not all meat’ according to my-other. They are fiddly, as are all meatballs, but really, really worth the effort.

Spaghetti bolognese

Bolognese sauce (our way)

My family first learned about spaghetti bolognase in 1974, from English migrants living around the corner from us in our country town. To us, it was the most exotic thing ever and we begged the mum for the recipe. Needless to say, their version didn’t have red wine and parmesan, but we still thought it was amazing.