Quinoa porridge or pudding: good for breakfast and dessert

Quinoa porridge or pudding: breakfast or dessert

We discovered quinoa a couple of years ago as another option for lots of things, but it was this pudding with its combination of apple, orange and quinoa, that grabbed our enthusiasm. It’s designed as a breakfast porridge, but it also makes good dessert for the ├╝ber health conscious.

Orange, carrot, ginger smoothie

The colour orange: a smoothie

We don’t have a juicer, but when the Seasoned Traveler published her recipe for her Orange wellness elixir, I just had to give it a try. A quick google, a grater, a blender and some suitable cloth, and it all became possible: an orange smoothie to match my green smoothie from some months ago.

Designed for summer, adapted for winter: a warm orange and lemon balm drink

A summer’s winter drink: orange and lemon balm

There’s snow on the hills around us, but it won’t snow in town. We get the view, along with the icy cold wind, and the rain, and the sleet, and … and the cozy log fire, warm drinks and hot foods. Winter isn’t all bad. So when┬áNimmi Afzal brough her Orange Mint Summer Drink to…

GGran's orange poppyseed cake, iced and ready to eat

The bushwalkers’ orange poppyseed cake

Orange poppyseed cake is one of the favourites on the local bushwalking club menu. It is up there in popularity with chocolate caramel slice and other delicacies, ready for a dozen or more hungry walkers to wolf down after a hard day in a rugged part of the Australian bush.

Spicy poached persimmon with yoghurt, topped with almonds and orange sauce

Spicy poached persimmon with yoghurt

Persimmons poached with just a hint of spice and orange make a perfect light breakfast or a refreshing dessert. There is no sugar in this, making it suitable for even the healthiest of diets.

Lemon orange cake

Lemon & orange coconut cake (egg-free)

Be warned, you need a spoon to eat your piece of lemon and orange coconut cake; but it’s worth it for a delightful afternoon tea. As a bonus, he-who-won’t-eat-cake loves it too.