Linseed crisps

Linseed crisps

Cooking for people who can’t eat grains, including wheat, can be a challenge when it comes to snacks and finger foods. It’s all very well to keep putting out those celery and carrot sticks on the table, but sometimes, you just want to do more for people. These linseed crisps do just that.

A smooth, creamy egg-based mayonnaise

A good eggy mayonnaise

What if you just want a good, egg-based mayonnaise but without all the fuss? Well, here’s an almost foolproof recipe. It ticks all our boxes: not too oily, no starch, lemon juice rather than vinegar, and delicious.

Minimalist foccacia: just with rosemary and salt

Starch: the good, the bad, and the ugly

There’s some debate out there about starch in our diets. Some say you need it to live; some say it will make your life miserable. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and it all depends on your body, your genes, and how you digest food.

Three persimmons: more tempting than an apple

Is vegan the ideal and healthy option?

Earlier this year, Celeste over at Honk if you’re vegan asked a perfectly reasonable question: Was Noah really vegan? and, by implication, Should we be vegan too? Surely, if we’re designed to be vegan, it would be healthy for everyone, wouldn’t it?