Cottage pie

Our old-fashioned cottage pie

Cottage pie, shepherd’s pie … it’s just cooked meat topped with mashed potato, then baked. It sounds plain, and it is, but that’s its attraction. It’s quick and easy to make, never fails, and brings meat and three veggies to everyone in one easy dish.

Macaroni cheese, served with iceberg lettuce

A lighter macaroni cheese

Our family’s version of the centuries-old macaroni cheese comes from the one my mother prepared when we were little. I’ve cut down the amount of cheese, and our white sauce is lighter, but otherwise the dish has changed very little. The big innovation (my mum’s) was to go from making the white sauce the old-fashioned way to something that takes only seconds in a blender.

Spicy cauliflower with green peas

Our tasty rice: spicy cauliflower with peas

Cauliflower is a serious substitute for rice and even mashed potato for some people in our family. But this Indian-derived dish is not only a substitute, it is delicious in its own right. We’ve moved from it being a pragmatic and lesser replacement for rice, to a side dish worthy of its own place at the table.