Mint and ginger complement the sweet pear and persimmon combination

A pear-persimmon treat with sweet ginger sauce

It’s sweet, but there’s no (added) sugar in this dessert. It’s gluten-free, egg-free and easy. A small button of cashew paste adds substance to this ideal appetiser or an even-more-ideal light dessert.

Six persimmons

Six sweet persimmons

Persimmons have some fascinating myths around them: warding off Korean tigers, predicting winter. They are also the subject of some beautiful art and some very tasty dishes, the best of which are simple affairs that focus on the persimmon’s juicy sweetness. Here’s six little offerings to celebrate this bright orange little fruit. Why six? The clue is in the verse.

Persimmon, blue cheese and walnut salad with rocket

Persimmon, rocket, blue cheese and walnut salad

The sweet persimmons in this salad balance perfectly with the rich toasted walnuts, the strong pepper flavours of the rocket and the blue cheese. It’s a surprisingly filling salad that everyone seems to enjoy.

Spicy poached persimmon with yoghurt, topped with almonds and orange sauce

Spicy poached persimmon with yoghurt

Persimmons poached with just a hint of spice and orange make a perfect light breakfast or a refreshing dessert. There is no sugar in this, making it suitable for even the healthiest of diets.

Our French-excursion souffle, flavoured with one persimmon

French excursion souffle

Our son’s French class visited a French restaurant as part of their appreciation of all things French. He came back with three amazing little treats, and we’ve been wanting to commit them to the formal kitchen notebook for some time. This is the first. It is sweet, but so very worth the effort.