Wordless Wednesday: Old Melbourne Gaol

If you’re ever in Melbourne, take the time to visit the Old Melbourne Gaol. The heritage-listed gaol offers a fantastic educational talk that’s enjoyed by children, ├╝ber-cool teenagers, parents, and unaccompanied adults. It’s really very, very good and well worth half a day. And did you know Ned Kelly was executed there in 1880?

One of the big guns at Fort Lytton, Brisbane Australia.

Wordless Wednesday: Brisbane’s fortress steps

Did you know Brisbane had its very own defensive fort? We didn’t until last month, when we were looking for something to do in Brisbane. It was a great half-day excursion, even if it’s a bit of a drive. The teenage boy had lots of fun exploring what’s left of the concrete buildings and grassy embankments of Fort Lytton. The (non-working) big guns were fun too.