Polenta and rosemary olive oil cake

Polenta and rosemary olive oil cake

This polenta cake fits all the demands of our extended family and friends: it’s healthy, interesting, and not too sweet. Wherever I take it, people love the unusual, savoury crunch of the polenta and rosemary coating the outside.

Lamb cutlets, 'crumbed' with a mix of polenta and parsely

Polenta-coated lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets coated with a mixture of polenta and parsley create an easy and delicious gluten-free dinner.

Breakfast: Polenta with rhubarb and almonds

It’s polenta for breakfast

This is a great, not-too-sweet alternative for breakfast. If you’re not a morning person, this is an easy way to prepare polenta for breakfast. No boiling and stirring in a saucepan with the resulting mess and washing up. No, just a quick soak in boiling water (the polenta, not you), and a microwave zap of rhubarb and it’s done.