Vegetable moussaka

A rich layering of lentils, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms and more, this vegetable moussaka is a winner, or so the boys in the family say. It delivers on its promise as a really delicious vegan meal.

Hot beetroot soup

Sunday soup: Hot beetroot soup

This beetroot soup starts with the richness of baked vegetables and adds a home-made vegetable stock. For us, it is a change from the more Russian-inspired borsch.

Cottage pie

Our old-fashioned cottage pie

Cottage pie, shepherd’s pie … it’s just cooked meat topped with mashed potato, then baked. It sounds plain, and it is, but that’s its attraction. It’s quick and easy to make, never fails, and brings meat and three veggies to everyone in one easy dish.

Pizza with rosemary, potato and zucchini

An entrée pizza: potato and rosemary

An entrée pizza with potato and rosemary isn’t a pizza for consuming between main courses, although you could do that if you want. And it’s not the main course either. No, here it’s a first-course pizza: to refuel hungry teenagers when they get home from school, and to feed hungry guests as they walk in the door.