Indian spiced pumpkin soup

Sunday soup: Indian spiced pumpkin soup

This spicy pumpkin soup is a favourite of my mother’s on a cold, winter day. If you’re coming out of winter right now, think of this as a reminder of when you really wanted something warm, toasty and comforting for lunch. If winter decided to pay you a quick visit this Easter, as it did us, then warm and toasty is exactly what we all need.

Pumpkin and sweet potato soup

Sunday soup: pumpkin and sweet potato

Pumpkin soup is a favourite winter’s meal. In our search for the perfect pumpkin soup, we’ve tried all sorts of things, but we eventually settled on a combination of sweet potato and butternut pumpkin to get that perfect creamy smoothness and richness without cream or butter or bacon. And it’s still delicious.

A tasty way to serve rice: spinach and rice and pumpkin slice

Spinach and rice and pumpkin slice

This rice and spinach based slice is an excellent way of serving up these two ingredients as a tasty side supporting act for ratatouille or a casserole. There are no eggs, so the pumpkin adds a layer of flavour and colour, and it holds this slice together long enough to transfer it from baking dish to plate, just.