A sponge cake with rose petal jam and dusted with icing sugar

The successful sponge cake

This sponge cake is billed as a basic whisked sponge that’s easy to make, especially with an electric mixer. It’s true. It is easy, and it worked. if you have trouble with sponges, why not give this one last try? At least you can make trifle if it doesn’t work.

Grandma's jam drops in an original grandma buscuit tin

My grandma’s jam drops

My grandmother had a vast orchard, filled with dark plums. I’m sure there was more than one variety of tree, but it’s the dark blood plums I remember. And her dark plum jam, and her jam drops. This probably isn’t exactly the recipe my grandma used (the jam is rose petal jam for a start), but these jam drops match my memory of them perfectly: the shape, the size, the colour.

Rose petal jam: just rose petals and sugar

Rose petal jam (uncooked)

This delicious rose petal jam needs no cooking: it’s raw jam. It’s just a matter of grinding sugar and rose petals into a paste. It is unusual, and you need to be selective with the rose petals: pick the freshest and most fragrant ones you can find. but it’s well worth the effort.