Polenta and rosemary olive oil cake

Polenta and rosemary olive oil cake

This polenta cake fits all the demands of our extended family and friends: it’s healthy, interesting, and not too sweet. Wherever I take it, people love the unusual, savoury crunch of the polenta and rosemary coating the outside.

Olive and celery tapenade, served with cucumber to satisfy the all our friends

A very vegan tapenade of olive and celery

Create a lighter olive tapenade by popping a stick of celery into the mix. Serve the results on cucumber rounds for an easy appetiser with a difference that suits just about anyone.

Ready for a party: a girl with dandelion buttons and a posy of rosemary

A flower-girl treat

Sweet pancakes with dandelion flower buttons and rosemary balls are an ideal treat for young children. They can have so much fun picking the flowers and pressing them into the mix, enforcing an icing-sugar snowstorm, then eating the lot. Yum.

MiniMinimalist foccacia: a small and quick foccacia with rosemary and salt

The minimalist snack focaccia

How hard can it be to make a mini-foccacia? Not too hard at all: it has only a cup of flour, with a bit of yeast salt, water and … And it uses some lovely prostrate rosemary in our garden. This is the ideal school snack. It even lasts in the lunchbox (so it survived the soggy-bread test), and tastes so good one child thought, maybe, it was pizza.