Corned silverside: you'll notice a mixture of thin and thick slices. That's to cater for the different meat-slicing preferences around here.

Corned beef

Corned beef is one of the great comfort foods in our family. It’s really easy to make, satisfying, and serves many if you have enough mashed potato to go with it. The high salt content makes it an occasional food, but that makes it even more special when it turns up for (as) dinner.

Preserved zucchini

How to preserve zucchini

We’ve preserved zucchini by drying it (sun drying and in the dehydrator), ready for use in winter stews, and by this wonderful pickling method I found on an Italian vegan website: zucchini, salt, vinegar and oil. The Italian author says this dish will make the winter ‘lick his moustache’: what an excellent way to describe…

Lemons preserved in salt

How to preserve lemons

Preserved lemons are super easy to make and ridiculously overpriced in the shops. All you need is lemons and salt and, if you want, some cloves and cinnamon. Selma makes it even easier and says you just need olive oil and lemons. We’ve made both this year, thanks to a very generous neighbour with a lemon tree and an agenda of wanting more salted lemons from us.