Spinach curry

Spinach (silverbeet) curry

There’s spinach, and then there’s silverbeet, which is also called chard. Our Indian cookbook has this delightfully named dish called saag (spinach) bhaji, which we use alongside our favourite lentils and rice. We use silverbeet instead of spinach, but does it really matter?

A tasty way to serve rice: spinach and rice and pumpkin slice

Spinach and rice and pumpkin slice

This rice and spinach based slice is an excellent way of serving up these two ingredients as a tasty side supporting act for ratatouille or a casserole. There are no eggs, so the pumpkin adds a layer of flavour and colour, and it holds this slice together long enough to transfer it from baking dish to plate, just.

Traffic-light paneer: three curries for a tri-coloured taste

Traffic-lights paneer

Red, amber, green: three different curries to accompany paneer. Served with chapati, they make an exciting first course for young and old alike. It’s a bit fiddly to make the three separate curries, and it takes the best part of an afternoon. But it’s worth it to get “This is the best ever” from little voices, talking about…

Cauliflower with greens, masquerading as mashed potato

Cauliflower masquerading as mashed potato

What do you do when you need mashed potato to go with dinner, but you are being visited by someone who will not contemplate calories like that in the evening? Simple, you use cauliflower. It’s also just as good for the soul as potato, not to mention soaking up the juices and sauces from the rest of the meal.

Silverbeet (chard) or spinach pasta salad with crushed walnuts

Silverbeet, spinach pasta salad

Warm pasta salads are ideal weekend lunches in the cooler, autumn weather. You can use any spinach/silverbeet for this: baby spinach/silverbeet will have a more delicate flavour, adult spinach/silverbeet will be stronger and need a few more minutes in the wok to cook through.

Rolled pan-seared chicken breast

Rolled and pan-seared chicken breast

These delicious little rolls of stuffed chicken are one of those bonus dishes: they look impressive on the plate, but they are so easy and quick to make. You can stuff the rolls with anything you have in your garden, fridge or pantry. Baby spinach, soft cheese and walnuts are the stars in this version.

A fresh salad from my garden

Salad from my garden

Just outside the back door, there’s a lawn of self-sown baby spinach, the last lettuce before winter, a cucumber, and tomatoes from the few bushes that survived a hot, dry summer. Add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. There’s lunch. Simple food can satisfy even the most sensuous of souls. A recipe in a neat 50…