Rose petal jam: just rose petals and sugar

Rose petal jam (uncooked)

This delicious rose petal jam needs no cooking: it’s raw jam. It’s just a matter of grinding sugar and rose petals into a paste. It is unusual, and you need to be selective with the rose petals: pick the freshest and most fragrant ones you can find. but it’s well worth the effort.


Why we avoid sugar (and other stuff)

Here’s a list of why we avoid sugar and the other baddies of our Western diet. It’s not an ideological crusade to eradicate sweetness from the civilised world. It’s just a lifestyle of trying to eat well when you can, and sugar is the easiest one to target because so much unhealthy food has sugar in it. You can see the reasoning in the Mermaid’s tresses tagline: favourite family recipes: whole food, most of it healthy.