Guacamole, served with some extras to make a tasty little appetiser


Avocado¬†is a bit of a luxury here,¬†and guacamole is an absolute delicacy. Because of its specialness, our guacamole is really just mashed avocado with seasonings added: lemon juice, salt and pepper, and sometimes onion. That’s about it. If we have a few people, then it becomes a full-blown appetiser with some celery and tomato to…

A cute, individual serve of nachos

Nachos for dinner. Yay!

Nachos are a very special dinner. They’re cheap and easy to make, and the kids can get involved in assembling it because each chip has to stand up and stand close: you need to fit in as many chips as possible. And he (or she) who assembles the nachos gets to eat all the broken crumbs of chips.