Georgianesq walnut sauce

A Georgianesq walnut and coriander sauce

This walnut and coriander sauce is something we’ve used it for all sorts of things—as a filler for celery sticks, a sauce for those Turkish aubergine meatballs, or even a dip with these biscuits for something different. Just once, we used it for its purpose as a dressing for a chilled green-been salad.

Silverbeet (chard) or spinach pasta salad with crushed walnuts

Silverbeet, spinach pasta salad

Warm pasta salads are ideal weekend lunches in the cooler, autumn weather. You can use any spinach/silverbeet for this: baby spinach/silverbeet will have a more delicate flavour, adult spinach/silverbeet will be stronger and need a few more minutes in the wok to cook through.

Rolled pan-seared chicken breast

Rolled and pan-seared chicken breast

These delicious little rolls of stuffed chicken are one of those bonus dishes: they look impressive on the plate, but they are so easy and quick to make. You can stuff the rolls with anything you have in your garden, fridge or pantry. Baby spinach, soft cheese and walnuts are the stars in this version.

Siena panforte

Siena panforte

Panforte throws together two Italian words: pane (bread) +‎ forte (strong). This Christmas cake is certainly that. It’s delicious and rich. A very small slice goes very well with coffee or tea after dinner or a late afternoon tea. Best of all (for us) is that it is egg-free.