This blog is our family’s new-fashioned kitchen notebook.

It’s not about mermaids. It’s not even about seaweed.

It’s about food, and some of our favourite family recipes and the fun we’ve had around that. Mermaid’s tresses are a delicious treat at our local Chinese restaurant. They’re not on the menu any more, but we still ask for that dish whenever we go there for dinner. And I’ve now learned how to make it.

So this kitchen notebook is a way of passing on recipes and memories to my daughter as she left home and wanted to know how to make something. It’s to help me find my favourite recipes. And it’s an attempt to rationalise the pile of recipe books on my shelf, on the coffee table, and spilling into a corner cupboard. And finally, it’s also become somewhere to post the odd photo of camping trips, bushwalks and even odd creatures in the garden.

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  1. I started my blog for a similar reason – my son will be off to Uni in a couple of years and will have to cook for himself! I thought it would be nice to get a few recipes down for him but the blog has taken a life of it’s own now!


  2. I love what you wrote here. This really can be the modern day family cookbook. What a great way to think of it. And I’ve already found myself more than once, pulling up my own blog to search for a recipe – whether it’s on my phone looking at the ingredient list at the market, or on my ipad at the stove top. I always get a chuckle out of that… (Goes with out saying that I also pull up tons of other blogs to check out recipes- like yours! I’m working on your Cream of Mushroom soup as we speak….)



    • I don’t know how I missed this for so long. I am sorry. Thanks for the compliment, too. Like you, i’ve started having the laptop on the dining table for the recipes I have managed to enter.


  3. Hello Home Cook-
    You have a lovely blog- I will keep you in mind when I’m looking for a recipe. It’s so wonderful you were inspired by your daughter to create your blog.

    I appreciate that you stopped by my blog and gave it a “follow.” I hope you will continue to enjoy my nature-focused theme.


    • Thanks so much. I haven’t updated anything for a while as I’ve been a bit busy, but there’s a long list of yummy things to post, sooner or later.

      Arizona … all we know about that here is that it’s desert. There must be more than that, or how else could you have a veggie garden?


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