Seven tasty salads for summer

Marked: salads and beginnings

One thing about being in the southern hemisphere is that those talented northerners keep posting delicious summer dishes when there’s snow on the hills around us. It’s tantalising: I love salads, but I know I’ll never find these brilliant suggestions again once summer comes back to us, so I’ve marked them here, along with some interesting new writers from our much-loved WordPress community (there are a couple of stories the children might enjoy).

Cauliflower with greens, masquerading as mashed potato

Cauliflower masquerading as mashed potato

What do you do when you need mashed potato to go with dinner, but you are being visited by someone who will not contemplate calories like that in the evening? Simple, you use cauliflower. It’s also just as good for the soul as potato, not to mention soaking up the juices and sauces from the rest of the meal.