Seven tasty salads for summer

Marked: salads and beginnings

One thing about being in the southern hemisphere is that those talented northerners keep posting delicious summer dishes when there’s snow on the hills around us. It’s tantalising: I love salads, but I know I’ll never find these brilliant suggestions again once summer comes back to us, so I’ve marked them here, along with some interesting¬†new writers¬†from our much-loved WordPress community (there are a couple of stories the children might enjoy).

The easiest dessert ever: just pears simmered with a little sugar

The easiest pear dessert ever

This is an ideal dessert for one: take a pear, cut it in half, add a little sugar and cook it for a few minutes. It’s easy, very quick and has just enough sugar to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth without creating too much work.

Mint and ginger complement the sweet pear and persimmon combination

A pear-persimmon treat with sweet ginger sauce

It’s sweet, but there’s no (added) sugar in this dessert. It’s gluten-free, egg-free and easy. A small button of cashew paste adds substance to this ideal appetiser or an even-more-ideal light dessert.

Gooey with chocolatey-looking caramel: the upside-down pear cake

The it’s-not-chocolate? upside-down pear cake (egg-free)

I was hooked when the creator of this sweet dessert cake said her boy thought the caramelised sugar was chocolate. Could I fool my entire extended family? Not quite, but they all agreed it looked like chocolate, and it was just as satisfying. An unexpected and almost perfect result.