Wordless Wednesday: Brisbane’s fortress steps

Concrete stairs at Fort Lytton, Brisbane Australia.

Fort Lytton: concrete stairs and rooms, a few gun emplacements, and grassy embankments are about all that’s left now

Did you know Brisbane had its very own defensive fort? We didn’t until last month, when we were looking for something to do in Brisbane. It was a great half-day excursion, even if it’s a bit of a drive. The teenage boy had lots of fun exploring what’s left of the concrete buildings and grassy embankments of Fort Lytton. The (non-working) big guns were fun too.

Fort Lytton was built in 1881 to defend the city of Brisbane against enemies such as the Russians (19th century), Germans and the Japanese (both in the 20th century).The invaders never came; the guns were fired only twice: to warn off a Dutch steamer and a fishing boat in the first World War. The site was used instead to train soldiers and to process newly arrived immigrants.

It’s worth a visit if you have a spare Sunday in Brisbane. The the local historical society opens up the site and lets you explore the embankments, all the steps going up, down and around, the storage rooms, barracks and surrounding buildings.

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